Adidas New York Spezial

Around a year ago, Gary Aspden, Mike Chetcuti and the rest of  the adidas Spezial team set off on a trip to Buenos Aires following a tip off they received on a store selling deadstock and vintage Adidas products.

The latest issue of the SPZL collaboration dropped on Wednesday 2nd December at midnight with the Adidas New York the latest trainer to get the Spezial treatment.

Coming in two colour ways – the original ‘Graphite’ and an Argentinian blue pair (a nod to Carlos the Buenos Aires shop keeper) – there had been a lot of hype around this reissue.

The trainers dropped alongside two graphic tees, one in white and the other in heather grey.

I haven’t bought a pair of adidas since the first round of Hamburgs were reissued back in March last year and I was very close to pulling the trigger on a pair of Munchen SPZL’s in mid-october but there is something about the New York reissue that I couldn’t resist.

After a frantic 10 minutes online trying to grab a pair of size 10’s from Oi Polloi, Hanon, Wellgosh etc, it was looking like I had missed out and I was gutted. I managed to grab a pair from FootPatrol at the last minute and upon arrival, they are even better than I first thought.

For a while, I couldn’t decide which pair to go after. The Argentinian blue pair really appealed to me because it’s very Man City blue and I would have worn them at the football all of the time.

However, I’ve got a really bad habit of wrecking really nice pairs of trainers within weeks of buying them so the darker, grey, original colour way was a no brainer from me really.

The adidas New York were originally released in the 1980s and previous reissues of the trainer have been attempted by adidas, with none of them living up to what the SPZL team have done here.

Not every trainer in the SPZL footwear range is a reissue but they have done a fantastic job with this one.

A full story on the famous trip to South America can be found in two short videos, (the first shown below), on Youtube titled Sole Searching in South America and Sole Searching in South America 2.

You can read Oi Polloi talk about the adidas New York with Gary Aspden on their blog here