A Product of the Cold Cold North


Norse Projects x Elka Classic Anker Jacket


Despite establishing as an in-house brand in 2009 from a store of the same name, Norse Projects only really grabbed my attention around a year and a half ago.

Now, however, it has quickly become one of my favourite brands to wear and I barely ever leave the house without it.

Norse Projects are known for doing simple things well. Their minimal but functional approach make for desirable collections and their collaboration with fellow Danes, Elka, shows why.

Norse Beanie | A.P.C Logo Sweatshirt
Norse Beanie | A.P.C Logo Sweatshirt


Made from a huge chunk of PVC, the Norse Projects Elka Anker Jackets are 100% waterproof and perfect for the rain and cold ridden winter months ahead.

Due to their welded seems and classic oversized raincoat fit, there is plenty of room to squeeze a couple of layers in and they’re pretty warm themselves, too. 

Elka have been keeping people dry for over 50 years so if you’re looking for a raincoat, don’t be afraid to put your trust in these guys.

This particular colour was a last minute summer sale pick-up from Grants 1856 but there are plenty of other colour ways knocking about. 


New Balance M575SNG (Made in England)

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